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Originally Posted by CapsuleCorp View Post
I don't know if I've ever tried putting creme makeup on top of the scar. Eyebrow pencil, yes, but not creme. All I can say is, experiment and let us know how it goes!

I regularly use rigid collodion for my Shuuhei and Luffy scars, and just darken them with a little brown eyebrow pencil. Not that I don't have a bajillion creme makeups I could test, it was just faster and easier to grab an eyebrow pencil and draw on top of the dried scar.
Oh alright!
I think I'll try it just in case and report my results here! I should have time enough to come up with something that gives the effect I want.

Originally Posted by vervv View Post
Spirit gum remover didn't work for me, and I tried for a while. D: Putting it in the same place several days in a row will definitely irritate/damage to your skin. I think grease paint in the scar may look fake, but experimentation is always good!
Okay, I'll keep that in mind. I'm just going to cosplay Kenshin on Friday so I hope it'll be okay because on Saturday I will be another character who has no scars..

I'll experiment and see what happens.
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