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Trauma Center Cosplay Help (crest/symbol)

Hello there. So I wanted to do a Derek Stiles from Trauma Center cosplay, but seem to be having trouble. I tried looking around on here for tutorials, but didn't really see any as there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of TC cosplays.

I am mainly having a hard time making the top. I don't really know how to really go about it. I tried altering my akatsuki cloak pattern, but the front is a bit different and I having trouble making my own patterns and them right (it really isn't the best pattern for the top, but I can't really find any patterns I can use). I was wondering if there are better, more accurate ways to make the top?

Another problem is the crest and thing on the sleeve. I am not sure how to make it. I don't know how to embroider and don't know where to start. Does anyone have tips for making emblems/crests/symbols for cosplays? Especially complex ones?

Tips for the belt would be nice too.

Here are some references-

The first character is Derek Stiles, the second is another character, but gives a better view of the top, including the side pockets.

The symbol (the best I can find online that shows all the details)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit-I just realized that I should of posted this in the general construction forum, but not sure if I can delete this or move it. Sorry. ^^;

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