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^ Good news! That website is a parody site, sorta like The Onion. XD (And really, those drawings are amazingly disturbing)

I really am surprised at how quickly XY got pushed out. On one hand I'm like FINALLY pokemon graduate to the third dimension (Although I suppose the background fast tracked there already in BW) On the other Gen 5 hasn't really had time to settle. And by that I selfishly mean I haven't even finished the story for BW2 yet - let alone perfectly eugenicsed a couple favourite teams.

Basically a new generation pretty much means starting over from scratch.

And now something for non-pokemon fanatics - ever notice that work will expand to fill the time allotted to it? I had the simplest of tasks to do tonight and still managed to complete it only an hour before the shift ends.

And I'm also still writing 2012 on everything >_<

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