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Brand: Vassen Lollipop from Pinky Paradise

Price: $23.90 sans shipping

Color: Violet

Natural Eye Color: Subtle Brown heterochromia One medium, the other dark

Review: A - They take a bit of adjusting and I can see them feeling dry after some time. Even more, while clearly violet in person, they can look a little more blue with flash and certain kinds of lighting. There's noticeable enlargement, so for cosplay this does well for accenting the eyes properly. I'm not sure if I would call it discomfort, but sometimes you sort of feel them? Kind of being aware of them, and it could be due to the thickness or size. They don't slide around, and do follow the eye so you can look off to the side and still have your pupils centered properly.

Overall, I wouldn't mind looking into their other colors at some point.

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