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Originally Posted by sonikku10 View Post
Wow, I'm actually quite offended by that long two-part post.

And it's always the same response whenever someone is questioned about their actions/pricing...OH GEAR COSTS SO MUCH...OH TRAVEL COSTS SO MUCH...OH EDITING TAKES SO LONG...blah blah blah...

This is all bullshit. If you're too broke to go out and share in the passion for this hobby/culture, just go away. I own 2 SLR myself, an iMac with all editing software installed, travel to roughly 5/6 conventions a year and make, on average, 2 new costumes for each one. Yet, I'm not sitting here on an online forum begging for absurd amounts of money to cover my expenses. No, I don't like coming off as pathetic and sad...

All I know is most of us do this (photography and cosplaying) because it's something we love to do. It's fun. As sonikku said, there would be no one without the other...seems a lot of people forget about that...

And on that note...I don't like your pricing structure because frankly, I see it as exploitive. I look through OP's photos and I see a bunch of no-names desperate for desperate in fact they are willing to spend $150+ on some valueless digital photos. There are many other photographers out there willing to take their pictures (in fact, the only reason this thread was brought to my attention was because it was posted right before a friend of mine's who is also shooting at Katsu...for free...ironic I suppose).
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