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I actually did talk to Marc. He mentioned he was sick, so he couldn't make it. He asked what I thought and I honestly said it was a really off year and the X Games really killed it. He took that criticism with stride.

I just didn't care for the table right next to them (Bak Anime). I was talking to a friend about NYCC and the good things about it (my first time). Baka Anime Dude interrupted us and was like, "Worst. Con. Ever." Talk about rude and lack of social skills...(this is what I expect Tony Harris to look like) someone who does table exhibiting professionally, I would never talk ill about another company and interrupt a private conversation from potential clients and registrants.

Yet, end of rant...back to AX

And on the topic of travel, California now has the Megabus.

I've taken the megabus from Boston to NY a few times. Very cozy. Free wi fi and outlets if you need to recharge.
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