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Originally Posted by 4ng31 View Post
Sorry for the double post, but I just noticed this. There is so much wrong with this statement that I just want to reference you back to my second reply in this thread.

When it comes to art, you can NEVER promise anything. You can make your best attempt to deliver to a client, but nothing is EVER guaranteed.

And to call people who don't charge not "real photographers"...are you retarded? Have you never heard of TFP/TFCD? Have you never heard of, apparently, not "real photographer" shooting for exposure (such as doing photos for magazines features)? Do you have any clue how a real photographer works? Seriously?
Did you read the whole thing? I said some don't charge because they enjoy doing it for free and have there reason to do it for free then there another group that don't charge because they are fake i never said everyone who does it for free is not a real photographer.

If it sounded like that i will say sorry thats not what i meant. Only saying there is two groups thats all my mistake if it sounded how you said.

Also you can think what you want of her prices but lots of people have attacked her saying she is takes advantage of people? She is not forcing anyone to pay her and no one is forcing anyone to work with her its a free choice anyone can say no....also if this was for portraits this would be a good price but because you put cosplay it must be free? i don't think so.

reason i do it for free is because i am doing as practice like another person said testing stuff out. trying new things out ect....

I don't think its right the way some of you have attacked her....others gave some good reasons why not to charge that much in a respectful way but others were rude and mean.

But in the end its her choice to charge what ever she wants....if you don't think your getting a good deal you don't work with don't think her work is not good enough you don't work with don't agree with what she charges and want to say something fine but be respectful don't attack.

this whole thread has made me sick and sad
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