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Originally Posted by Touva View Post
My best friend and I are going to Ohayocon in a few weeks, and we know for a fact that a certain guy we met at Sugoicon will be there also. He spent some time hanging out with us and it was glaringly obvious that he was rather attracted to my friend, but she thought he was just being nice so she didn't shy away from him. She doesn't want to tell him off for some reason, but she's dreading inevitably meeting him at Ohayo.

What are some (clever? XD) ways to try to get away from a creeper before notifying the proper authorities?
From what you've described in your post versus the title on this thread, all he's done so far is "just being nice"? Did he actually bring on the creeper swag an watch her from afar with a cat eye stare lol? You said she spent some time with him so he must not of been that creepy or unbearable to be in your party. No need to bash on the guy, obviously it's natural for him to be attracted to a girl etc... Chances are you may not even see him or run into him but if you do... It's very simple to let him off politely that your not interested in him in being an item etc lol... Your choice to be friends if you feel he can contain himself to civil behavior.

A few other variables could of changed since this Con, he may have found someone else... No longer have an attraction for your friend... so on an so on... All in all.. Don't let it run on and ruin your weekend away of madness, its not fair to both individuals an clearly a waste of everyone's time.

As far as creepers go in not being good with the ladies... There is a fine line when you refer to someone who is unfortunately socially awkward as a creeper and someone who is actually creeping/stalking you.... Only way to find out is engage the individual, confrontation usually does the rest. It's been said, one will be embarrassed, awoken, etc.. Builds character in my opinion... In a constructional way, might give that person a outside look on what they need to change in there game... sorry bro, dead blank stares from afar are 2000-N-late
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