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Alright! Let me try and answer your questions...

1. For the three nights, I would say for the amount of people in the room I would take $110. Granted if I'm able to get more people in the room than six (or seven, which I'm hoping for), then the price for you would go down.

2. That's fine, I was just trying to avoid the smell of smoke in the room because of allergies. No smoking in the room would be a given, too. x3

3. Age gaps are fine! The oldest of us is 25, youngest (so far) is 18. As long as we can feel safe, we're fine.

4. Ungodly hours would be like 3 or 4 in the morning xD I've had an issue before where one of our roommates came back at 5am making all sorts of noise and it was not only rude but very obnoxious. If you do have to come back that time of night, I'd like to make sure that you have a room key and can be quiet and respectful of those who are still sleeping.
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