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Originally Posted by kuroki-neko View Post
ill keep this as short as i can.
when there is as girl/woman who has a problem and a guy says his input on it and even though he might not be right most of the time. the point is that depending on how serious the problem is if its not what they want to hear its the worst thing in the world they will treat him like an animal. im getting sick of this one sided "girls problems matter and guys problems are non existent and are not relevant" there is no empathy for guys problems its just "ok that's sad now shut up and get over it"

maybe im just lacking friends but im just getting sick of people treating me bad and i have to fight them off on my own while they have 3 or more people on their side. im finding it hard to maintain a good personality with this happening. a while back i was shy and depressed and now i worked most of that away and am more confident than i used to be. im just finding it hard the right way to act when every try at something good gets allot of bad attention. i just don't want to blend into the background while everyone is having fun with friends im not getting any younger.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the second sentence due to the lack of punctuation marks and starting each sentence with a capitalized letter. I'm not being a grammar Nazi (nor am I calling you stupid in case you might think so) and pointing out spelling errors and what not (because we all make mistakes)...I just think that you'd be able to get better feedback and readers by capitalizing your I's and using an apostrophe in the word "I'm" and things like that (It's all just my opinion and preference is all so this can very well be ignored).

On a side note, it really does bother me when people use text/internet lingo in "normal" writing ...situations. I've read full college papers where people have used "u" instead of "you" or "bcuz" instead of "because" @_@. Seriously.
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