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This is cosplay-related -- don't know if that's what this is for or not, but I'm gonna rant and possibly attempt to keep it short.
Why is race such an affair in cosplay? If you're white and cosplay a black character, GREAT. If you're black and cosplay a white character, GREAT. No problem, right? Why is it that, if you're -insert race- and decide to use body paint accordingly for the purpose of looking like your character, you're harassed? People are allowed their own opinions, of course, and those that you don't agree with for whatever reason are NOT fair game for your bitching. In what way, I wonder, is it racist that, if you're a white girl, and you cosplay Katara from A:TLA and you decide to use dark makeup, so you can look like her? Um, excuse me, but if I'm not mistaken, the point of cosplay is to look like the character. Am I really offending you by sticking to the character's actual features?
I don't cosplay Katara, but a friend of mine does, and she's a relatively pale white girl, and she decided that, unlike last year, she wanted to try out doing Katara's skin colour, and she asked me to help her out because she didn't really know how to do it. So, I helped her out, and then a while later, we're talking to these other cosplayers, and we were all talking about how cosplay makeup (in general) just takes so long. I comment that I hate doing all the green makeup for Miss Martian, and she comments that the darker skin makeup for Katara is kind of a pain, too, since it takes so long, and one of the other cosplayers starts going off on her and calling her racist although they were all, "Ooh, a Katara cosplayer!" before.
How the hell is that racist? I'm sorry, but I don't recall her saying anything bad about any given skin colour; only that the actual process of painting herself up for the costume is a hassle. She was upset with this, and it occured to me; we were just talking about body paint and I mentioned how I have to use all the green to look like Miss Martian. So, let me get this straight. It's racist if she tries to look like her Eskimo character by using tan body paint, but it's just a regular thing that I'm using green body paint to look like my martian character. Sure, martians aren't real. But what the hell is the difference in this matter?
YOUR costume gives you the right to choose what to do in that matter. If you're white and cosplay Katara, rock on. If you're black and cosplay Katara, no problem. If you're Asian and cosplay Katara, great. But god forbid you do exactly what cosplayers are SUPPOSED to do just so you can look like your character.
I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous to me.

(Short attempt failed.)
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