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Styrofoam help

Alright guys. so im gonna be making a set of shoulder armor for my costume out of styrofoam sheets bought from home depot *the pink ones* or from lowes *the blue ones* Gonna have them cut to the shape i need it. But i have a few questions i need to have answered before i start my costume.

1. What glue can i use to stick the pink or blue styrofoam insulation sheets together?
2. whats the best things to use to carve it *they need to be rounded shoulders at the end*
3. what grit sand paper do i need?
4. What can i seal it with to prevent the foam from chipping, cracking, breaking and making it more rigid.
5. what can i paint it with? needs to be sealed before hand or anything is safe after sealing it

thank you to anyone that helps me.. will be much appreciated. ill try and get a picture of the costume i am making soon.
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