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A little context, I'm almost exclusively a cosplayer who just wanders the halls with no intention of participating in panels or masquerade. One of the two reasons for me attending this convention for the first time was my partner was going to participate in the fashion show, however, couldn't. The other reason was because I was curious about the con since seeing videos of just how beautiful the con is. Another piece of context, most if not all of my costumes consist of huge wings.

On my scouting mission before suiting up after picking up my badge, I've wandered the grounds to see where a cosplayer can be seen. Walking through the grounds, I've noticed that there were quite a few signs stating badge required and even the pool area, which really astounded me. Cosplay meetups held in badge only area's kind of throw me in a loop but because I feel that since I'm using the space, as a thanks I buy badges even if I don't use it.

The con suite really astounded me that they're giving food to the attendees and even bottled water. This is such a rarity and it was greatly appreciated as I had tipped most times I went in.

Now, while in costume, I appreciated the fact that there were plenty of seats in the lobby area as someone who wears wings for each and every cosplay, it was definitely needed.

I wish there were more lights in the pool area as once it turns dark in these short days, the lobby gets crazy packed.

I wasn't aware of the free photoshoot only until I had read this thread. Perhaps more signs?

Was there something going on in the room next to the artist alley?

While on topic of artist alley, I'm quite surprised that ALA separated AA from Dealer's Hall which is very different from the other cons I've attended. I'd think this would harm both the dealers and artist's since they're both looking to make sales.

Drawing this post to a close, perhaps ALA should expand to the other hotels nearby like the Hilton next door which would be great. The amount of time it would take to do the logistics would be well worth it especially since you have this location for two more years. However, if this path is taken, please watch Youmacon closely and learn from their errors where there was a great deal of issues that came up with it.

My overall experience was pretty interesting and I had enjoyed myself. I got the chance to hang out and get some great shots with my partner, which made it worth going out of my way to attend this convention. Despite saying this though, I more than likely will not be returning to this convention unless it is extremely convenient in terms of time.
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