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Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
I actually think this'll be super helpful for a lot of people. Especially the left over right thing. I saw a girl do right over left once with her homemade kimono and I really wanted to lecture her so badly - to make thing worse, she used cheap Chinese brocade to make it and we were in the local Japanese gardens... And that was when I barely knew anything about kimono. Erm, anyways... if I could've found this when I started researching, that would have made life SO MUCH simpler. Alackaday, you can't change the timeline. XD
I hope so!

.... Ouch. That's bad.. like.. really bad. xD

Originally Posted by Reily96 View Post
But hey, do you know any good references specific to male kitsuke? Because now that I've decided I am going to do a kimono crossplay, I find I'm treading waters I don't know since I only know female kimono. X_x I've only ever seen a male kimono once and the guy who was wearing was a total creeper so I didn't dare ask him anything about it, and so far my searches have proved rather fruitless since most attention to kimono is on the female side...
It's true that most kimono attention is focused on women's kimono. But. You have asked the right person! I know more about men's kimono.. mostly because I wear it myself. xD *coughkimonohobbycough* I'm not sure what you want to know but if looking at pictures helps then take a look at my kimono blog:

Feel free to PM me with questions too if there's something particular you're looking for.
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