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Originally Posted by SeriousTyro View Post
So less body fat -> less oxidation of fat -> less ketones -> less fuel for body -> body gets fuel from protein -> if not enough protein then get from muscles?

To counteract this, consume fast burning fats, i.e, MCTs such as Coconut Oil?

What about simply increasing fat intake, not necessarily MCTs?
Increasing fat intake will help with the muscle sparring as it has more free fatty acids available, but it defeats the concept of fat loss if too much is consumed. Low-carb diets don't enter ketosis as much unless they cut too much calories, but doing ketogenic diets at a lean state is risky due to the above statements.

Saturated fats (mostly Long-chain Triglycerides) take a different pathway through the body before it can be readily be used as free fatty acids. The energy provided won't be readily available (roughly 3 hours after ingestion). MCT's can be used by the liver directly.

If we were to just increase dietary fat intake, then the body will just utilize any fatty acids from the dietary fat before having to retrieve additional fatty acids from fat reserves. This is typically why you can't simply cut calories as drastic when in a lean state since there is less fat to be mobilized from the body.
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