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A little late I guess, just got back from a five day climbing trip in Joshua Tree, but I guess I'll post anyways. I'll just give a few quick tips you should try focusing on as a beginner.

1) Try to keep your arms straight while climbing, this uses your bone structure to support your body weight rather than arm muscles. (avoid using "T Rex arms")

2) Really focus on using your feet, most of your weight on almost all climbs will be on your feet. As your footwork gets better you'll quickly notice an improvement in your climbing. For a beginner as a general rule for most routes you'll want to keep opposite hand and foot on the wall. (Keep left hand and right foot on holds while moving your right hand.) Learn to flag your feet when your don't have holds to change your center of gravity.

3) Try resting at least five minutes between climbs if your want to get a decent session in. If you don't your forearms will become "pumped" and your climbing ability will rapidly decline until a long rest period has been taking.

4) A lot of gyms have slacklines,which are fun to use while resting. They also help to improve balance and core strength which is nice.

I'm sure I missed a lot of details, but these are some of the basics that are nice to know for beginners.

Oh yeah, if its outdoors, and involves ropes, wear a helmet!
My first time climbing with ropes outdoors a couple weeks ago. (hit in the head by a falling rock)
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