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read the first few pages (man is this thread long...)

Personally, the only reason I'd chide anyone for crossplaying is if they did a bad job of it (and that goes for cosplaying in general) If anything I have more respect for people who crossplay (provided they put appropriate effort into it) because there's so much more that has to be done when dealing with a costume that's been designed for the opposite gender. (not to mention it's a trot-ton more awkward and uncomfortable if you really go the extra mile with falsies, corset, heels, etc --- THAT is dedication!)

I have met a very few homosexuals who crossplay, but ya know what? they do it for THE SAME REASON EVERYONE COSPLAYS --- that they love the character! Nothing at all to do with their orientation (and more than a few have made some version of the joke "I could _never_ pick up a (gay) guy dressed like this!")

Also, just a fun fact. Go on any major art site like Deviant Art and search for cosplays of any of the main characters from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and you'll find a large number of guys (especially if you search "Rainbow Dash Cosplay") I'd say it's statistically improbably that all of them are gay (and personally I say "...and if they are, so what?")

Lastly, for what it's worth, I'm Proudly planning ($$$ and time permitting) to Crossplay Rainbow Dash at Dragon*Con this year!
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