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This is plainly stupid. I encountered a similiar attitude lately, when some acquaintances put their KH Reborn! cosplays for sale “cause the manga has ended”. To my mind some of the greatest shows/manga are finished though. Eg. Fullmetal Alchemist, RG Veda… (Lately also cosplayed from Fruits Basket or want to cosplay from Shaman King…) And what about games anyway? Usually you pick a certain game and this is logically already ended when it is published xD. Aren’t we allowed to cosplay these games then except if there is an (at most times mediocre) sequel or prequel planned?

To my mind finished shows even carry the big opportunity that if you have read or watched the whole series you won’t encounter any bad surprises in the future. You just know what your character is like during the show. And besides in the course of very long ongoing manga as Naruto or Bleach for example (just to call some big names) the storyline sooner or later decreases… *sigh*

And do we always have to cosplay just from the newest anime/TV series/manga? … Nonsense, as already said. I love very old series as much as some very recent ones… And I only cosplay what I love and often only if I find ppl who share this love… (Which is of course often easier for the hyped brand new series…)
Only if you cosplay for fame or want to resell your cosplays badly you have to consider the series that will become mainstream very soon, so that you can be the first … Which is also nonsense…..

Sorry for my rambling, but this topic nags at me a little just cause of its stupidity…

Besides I agree with Blood_Sword: Variation is gold!
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