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Originally Posted by MDA View Post

I need him to sign something O_O Even if I have to find a picture of one of the characters he's voiced off the internet and present it to him!

Can you tell I'm a fan?
I know! I tried to hit ebay last night.... then the internet went down -.-

Originally Posted by zeekayart View Post
@rainbowgasm Really?? Never watched Animaniacs? Hahaha my childhood was a steady diet of Animaniacs, Freakazoid, and Pinky and the Brain so I'm really excited!! And I've been watching the new TMNT and he's great as Donnie (my favourite turtle in this series ) so that doubles the excitement! I have to draw a TMNT print for him to sign now! The only thing that would make this more awesome would be Maurice LaMarche coming too... I can dream!!!
Freakazoid yesssssss!!!!
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