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Lol at you guys :P You beat me to it.

Yes we have announced a few other guests as well - so you may want to check out out webpage :P And a few more have yet to be announced.

But our Guest of Honour this year is Rob Paulsen - VA extraordinaire and chances are if you don't know the name you know a few of the characters he's voiced over the years not to mention he's a award winning voice actor!

Snow job, Trip wire, american ghost, etc - GI Joe (original 1980's version)
Hadji (original jonny quest series) AND the real adventures of jonny quest
Slingshot, Air Raid, Chase etc - Original Transformers
Gladstone Gander - DuckTales
Boober Fraggle / Marjory / Sprocket - Fraggle Rock
Flash / Female Panda / Heebee - chip N dale rescue rangers
Voices in dino-riders
Voices in denver the last dinosaur
Dr. Debolt / Ratchet / Khan Pilot - Talespin
Gusto Gummi / Knight / Minstrel, etc - Gummi Bears
Rapheal - the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Steelbeak / Flarg / Barada - Darkwing Duck
P.J. Pete / Biff Fuddled / Bob, etc - Goof Troop
Arnold the Pit Bull / Concord Condor / Fowlmouth, etc - Tiny Toon Adventures
Mr. Normanmeyer / Uncle Cleaver / Underman, etc - Adams Family Cartoon
Ma's Henchman / Pig / Stand Up Comedian, etc - Bonkers
Squishington - Bump in the Night
Timothy Platypus / Axl / Didgeri Dingo, - Taz-Mania
Spike - Land Before Time 2& 3 at least (not sure about the rest of them )
Throttle - Biker Mice From Mars
Yakko Warner - animaniacs
Banzai the Hyena / Cheetato / Peter-Lorre Husband,etc - Timon and Pumbaa tv show
Arthur / Caped Chameleon / Captain Mucilage - The Tick
Stanley Ipkiss / The Mask - The Mask TV Shows
Hydro-Man - Spiderman 1990 series
Pinky - Pinky and the Brain
Rothchild / Cole Lampkin, etc - Samurai Jack
Lightray / Helmsman - Justice League
Major Glory / Bully #3 / Puppet Pal Clem - Dexter's Lab
Boomer / Brick / Brick & Boomer, etc - Powerpuff girls
Carl Wheezer - The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Gordon - Cat Scratch
Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Technus, etc - Danny Phantom
Francois / Hank Perkins / 'Man Overboard' Host, etc - Kim Possible
Rezard / Shen - new thundercats
Rhomboid Vreedle / Baz-El - Ben 10
Donatello - 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
and about a bajillion other shows :P

okay i'm done for now :P
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