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Question Amount of padding for "really athletic" Female char?

This is something I'm playing with and trying to figure out... I'm doing Rainbow Dash cosplay and given the fact the character is originally an animal-shaped-pony there is no official basis for what appropriate sizing would be for a more human-shaped version... Not sure whether to go for a "traditional" look with a much slimmer waist and much larger hips/bust, or a more minimal shape with smaller (but still noticeable) breasts/hips and a smaller hip:waist ratio... (from my limited knowledge of fitness, girls who exercise a lot (read professional runners (as close as I can equate to "professional flyer" like Dash)) tend to have smaller hips and breasts...

In the fandom I've seen drawings that go both ways and while I have my personal preference of which _I_ think looks better, it's just that //Personal Preference// so I'd like some feedback on what would be more realistic/expected (and pls no jokes about "go for anime double-E sized breasts" I am not doing that...(not to mention that would be outright ridiculous for the character))

In short: How much padding or what kind of hip:waist:bust ratio should I go for with a VERY athletic female character?
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