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Awesome! Thank you all so much~ ^_^

I'm a bit hyper, but I'll try to be mellow when I meet with y'all.

I know it may be a little early to ask this, but which day would you be free to meet? And (for those who are helping me with my project) would you be comfortable if I did a group interview (it would end up being more like a big conversation, and I would interject with questions every so often)? If not, that's totally fine - just let me know and we can meet for an interview separately.

If you'd like to chat before the con, let me know! I'm free to Skype or meet in person, if you're around Toronto or Southwestern Ontario~

@emm_gee - it sounds like some chums of mine are doing a Super Smash Bros. Brawl group. If you're interested in joining in, I'll send you more information. What anime/games/things are you interested in?
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