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I don't know if around here exist group of anime and manga, videogames lovers. I have try to check, but her the only place that I have read, for meeting is in the public library, but is just for teen from 15 to 19, and I am a "little" over age.
My hobbies? I like read, books and manga, obviously, watch anime, and movie, in particular actions movie, with for esample Jason Statham.. I like do jewels, use Photoshop, and "play" with the pc...I don't play videogames, I am a terrible player.
But I nver have think to some club.. maybe I can start with something of new, like sewing, since it does not know sewing machine

Hi, my name's Lavinia and I'm from Italy. Feel free to use my real name and please forgive my English mistakes
I am Italian too

Originally Posted by SinAi View Post
Ayumu, why not try and join a local group or something? There are plenty of ways to go about finding out if you town or city has a Local Anime, comic, or Gaming group. All it takes is a bit of looking around!

This site is great for finding and making friends, but the chances of finding someone offhand who lives close to you is going to be slim. So if you want someone locally, why not try alternatives?
You right, but if someone here it was of my same city, maybe would be nice, meet for knowing and talk. I am a serious girl, I swear

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