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My friend: "I couldn't find my other stocking, so I need to make a sword."
Out of context this makes zero sense. She was cosplaying Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, and Stocking's stockings turn into swords. So, because she could only locate one stocking, she had to make a sword. =p

Friend: "Isn't that an 18+ panel?"
Me: "Yeah, but it's Daddy's 18+ panel. Of course she'll let us in."
We did get in, in the end. It rocked. We were examples. Daddy loves us.

Me: "Hey mom, can you see my butt in this skirt?"
Mom: "Just a little, yeah."
Me: "Perfect!"
...I was cosplaying Panty. Shut up.

Friend: "I have to get new shorts for my Pokemon Trainer costume. My dad threw my old ones away because he said they were pornographic."
There is nothing to say about this. It's exactly like it sounds.

Me: "MOM. Where are my hooker boots? I need to pack them!"
Mom: "I already did."
My boots for my Liz Thompson cosplay. They're pure evil.

"I can't wait to go fabric shopping!" (I used to hate sewing...)
"Sure, I can style that wig for you." (HOW DID I BECOME THE WIG EXPERT???)
"I need higher heels."
"I think the skirt needs to be a little shorter."
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