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Originally Posted by Rainbowgasm View Post
I think the Sandman and Residence Inn are reverse to whats on here... I remember the Residence Inn being on the left hand side going north... but it has been 4 years, and since then I haven't even been over to that way... could be wrong...
Sandman was alright, but they had Residence Inn on the wrong side of the road, so I moved that down.

Sandman is down its own road, kind out there. I wonder what will happen to the land around it, if it will eventually be developed into a hotel.

If I could get my Photoshop to work i'd likely make a whole new map as the current one is so small, but i'm dealing with GIMP of which i'm not familiar with at all.

Edit: I just made a whole new map as it was just too squished.... BEHOLD MY ARTISTIC PROWESS....
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