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WhiteBeard Cosplay

This is rather late. 6 months ago I was at Animethon 19. I was cosplaying Whitebeard the whole weekend. Even entered the cosplay contest. and despite mid on stage prop falling apart I think I did well. Just wanting to get others opinions on the constume. Maybe some points of improvement?

The Video isn't the best. the spot lights make me glow. but that was my skit. apparently a LOT of people didn't get it. (just from what i heard) which is kinda full of disappoint for me. T.T
Cosplay Contest Entry

Posing with Luffy 1

Posing with Luffy 2

Battle pose

Sadly those are basically all the pictures I could find of Moi!.

So far my plans are to redo the shirts so that the muscle definition and scare tones are more visible and look better (preferably with air brush) and I have a desire to redo the jacket. but so much has been put into it by me and my family. well mostly my family. Also I want to velcro the shoulders of the jacket to the first layer of the shirt. So that it stays on without having to fight with it.

Looking forward to hearing what you guys think.
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