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Originally Posted by Pirogoeth05 View Post
So, I was just thinking about Warden cloaks. Is it ever mentioned in the books what kind of fabric they're made from? I'd like to make one after I eventually get a leather coat, but I don't know what kind of fabric to use. I know in White Night Harry mentions something about how easy it is to get grey corduroy fabric. But it's never said that they use that fabric for actual Warden cloaks. Grrr. It's so frustrating!
Oh the things that make us shake our fist at Jim Butcher. I'd say, based on the history of the order/group, it would likely be a wool or silk - materials that would have been available back in the day. I've always pictured them as being wool, personally, but I have a love of wool cloaks.

I'm leaning more towards wool, as opposed to silk, possibly a Melton wool? The cloaks are blood repellant (per the beginning of Proven Guilty), but can take damage due to the burning, staining, and other damage you see on the hem in Dead Beat. I'd say its not silk, since, we'll, it isn't quite as impressive or intimidating looking, usually, when in a cloak. Also, silk stains so very easily, and is a pain to clean (magic and protective spells aside).

(I'll keep looking, since I can search "warden" in my app, and pull up all instances of it. Makes looking for references easier.)
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