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Originally Posted by SA2R View Post
So we got there, and asked if they had her card. And older woman glanced at us for a moment, and went back to what she was doing. We asked her again, and again...and again! This time we were starting to make a scene to get her was just pure craziness at this point.
And finally! The old woman who was ignoring us when we walked in, reached into her front pocket of her apron, and threw the card at us! We were speechless...
I would have notified the authorities. The fact that she pocketed it like, at all, is just bad bad bad. You never do that. Kinda like a black-jack dealer putting their hands in their pockets: Even if ya' ain't stealin', that be a good when to get ya'self in terble.

It's understandable that you all just wanted to get out of there tho.

This year at Shadocon in Tampa, the whole schedule for the saturday events got pushed back by hours for god knows why. They didn't start the rave until 3 AM, and even then it only lasted for 30 minutes because the hotel staff shut it down. Something about a city curfew, I guess (?). All the ravers were so angry. I didn't stay for the full 30 (too tireddd), but I heard it was chaos. I thought the whole things was just hilarious. The rest of the weekend was completely on time, but that one night in Tampa, FL...haha.
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