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Greetings from a Hiei cosplayer~

I feel like this is a good start, but I might darken the blood up a bit, especially given your wig. Blood isn't really the same apple-red as your paint it unless it's really, really fresh, and Kurama just bleeds out too much for that to all be fresh. (Especially because it's just not a high stakes Kurama fight unless we're worried he's dead of bloodloss from minute two.) In addition, your wig is a much more "natural" red than his is in the show, which I like and I think it looks good on you, but it makes the blood stains fairly scream "Red Paint" because of how much purer the color is in comparison. I'd go for a maroon-ish or something; a red with a bit of brown in it. And as long as you're adding more (assuming you take my advice, of course), I'd experiment a bit with methods of application; maybe try splatter painting or something. It looks a little too perfectly placed as-is, I think.

Those shoes are perfect though, let me commend you on that. (I've been sort of appointed de-facto leader of an in-progress YYH cosplay group and I cannot for the life of me find those shoes for the three characters who need them in a way that looks screen accurate.)
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