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Keeping pleather nice and non-wrinkled.

So I made a Freya costume (from chobits) a while ago out of black pleather. It looked good for a couple conventions, but after that it started to look pretty bad. It got really wrally wrinkled and crumpled looking. I was afraid to iron it until recently, and I guess there was good reason for that. Ironing the sewn pleather made the wrinkles 10x worse, however the excess unsewn pleather irons just fine...

I'm planning on making the costume again out of the same stuff since I still have a good 5 or 6 yards of the stuff. this time I think I'm going to put in boning on the corset part, so the worst of the wrinkles around the middle don't happen. However I was wondering how I could avoid potential wrinkles and what not in the future. Maybe there's a good way to store it that I don't know about, or maybe a good relaxer or something for pleather?

Can anyone help me with this?
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