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In response to the concern that the parka is too warm, my parka for my Yue costume is actually very comfortable, even in hot, packed cons. Indoors, it can be a liiiiitle toastier than something less covering, but it's really not that bad. Actually, at summer cons, when I'm outside, it keeps me really cool compared to less covering costumes, as it is loose and fully-covering, so it blocks me from the sun!

But I think it should come down to what katara you want to be: do you want to be katara right when she meets Aang, home in the south pole? Or Katara during the journey? Or during the southern raiders? What's your favorite episode/scene with her, and what does she wear in it? That could help you make a decision that you'll really like in the long run.

Something to be aware of with the southern raiders option: This will not be a super recognizable costume. Most likely, you will not get as much notice in it as you might get in one of her other costumes, because casual fans of the show will not catch the reference (if that is something that you you would factor into your decision, I don't know), but when people DO recognize you, they'll be 10x more excited, and they'll be people you know you'll be able to have a really good conversation about the show with.

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