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Fanime Hotel Room

Scratch the main title LGBT or not you can stay with us but please be respectful of the LGBT

community and people who may be staying in the room with us this year. No Judging or fights

I have am putting together a room for Fanime for this year. Would love to get roommates

who do not bail on me last minute and leave me with a room bill for myself. I don't have a

price quote yet since the rooms are not available on the site yet. But when they do open up

I will be getting a two bed room in one of the hotels connected to the convention center. I

will be requiring a deposit come April from people who are staying with me so I can make sure

you are actually staing in my room. Please message me for room holds. You can contact me

here or my preferred contact is via Facebook at keep me updated after you reserve so

i know that you are actually coming. I got stood up by all the people who reserved with me

at AX and do not want that to happen again at Fanime this year. Looking forward to all the

fun to be had at Fanime. Happy conning everyone.

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