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So excited - this is going to be my first con.

No idea what's going on when, but since I'm doing cosplays in connection with my friend's cosplays, I guess it'll depend on what we work out when we get there. Or the night before xD Since she's so enamored with her Loki costume, I'm guessing that will probably be Friday's. In which case I shall be dressed as Loki's mother, Frigga. We also have two other friends going as Thor and Odin, so we'll have the whole dysfunctional family. xD

Then I have
-Captain Janeway [Star Trek: Voyager]
-Molly Hooper [Sherlock]
-Amy Pond [Doctor Who]
-Sherlock [Sherlock]
-River Song [Doctor Who]
-Shilo Wallace [Repo! The Genetic Opera]

Yeah, it's a lot, but luckily they're all fairly simple costumes so it won't be too big of a deal to switch from one to another as the mood hits me.

Can't wait!!!
Shilo Wallace, River Song, Sherlock, Amy Pond, Molly Hooper, Frigga

In Progress
Captain Janeway, Idris, Kida, Sebastian Moran, Rogue, Horatio Caine, Katniss Everdeen

Ohayocon - January 2013
Ohio Comic Con - September 2013??
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