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Originally Posted by Pirogoeth05 View Post
I've been thinking wool too! It just makes more sense than anything else. You'd think, as a LARPer himself, Jim would remember to put the little details like that in at least one of the books. Maybe if we make enough noise, he'll mention it in the next one.
I'm holding out hope he comes to Dragon*Con... Highly unlikely, but I can hope, right?

If he does, I'm going to the panel and just asking a bunch of questions about costume design in the books. Because everyone else would be asking the "tough" questions about the plot... But the thought of Queen Mab grilling him on fabric choices and inconsistencies makes me giggle to myself.

Also, I found a place that sells black wool Inverness coats. If you ever attend Renaissance festivals, there's a shop called Moresca - their coat the Carrick is almost exactly right. Just Melton wool, and expensive. Beautiful coat, but my Dresden would melt in it.

And more on topic ish, we got the Sheild Bracelet from our friend who was making it - I'll have to take some pictures of it, since it turned out pretty awesome. And he's now making me a second one with the remaining silver shields, based on the first one Dresden had.
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