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Skit with subtitles on big screen in the background? Sounds good or not?

Hi : )
My friends and I are doing a skit at a convention i April. We were thinking of doing it the same way we did our last skit: take the lines we want in the skit from the dubbed version of the anime and edit it. It worked perfectly last time, and we got such a good response on it. But this time we stumbled upon a problem. Only the first season of the show we are doing the skit from this time has been dubbed! And most of the lines we were planning on using is from the second season..
But our idea is really good, and we don't want to discard it just because of this problem. So we were thinking... At the stage we are preforming the skit there is a big cinema screen in the background. We thought that if we did the skit with the original Japanese voices we could have subtitles on the big screen.
Do you think it would work? Or would it be to hard to follow?
The screen is so big that if we have the subtitles on the top of the screen, we would not stand in front of it at all while we're on stage.
sorry for the long post.
If you have any other ideas we would love to hear them too! Thanks for reading!
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