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This is an Introduction

Hey guys, finally making an introduction here. With my BF heading to air force basic training soon, I'm going to have ample time to focus on building my cosplays and to just generally mess around on the internet. Sooo, combining the two I might as well hang out here, ne?

I'm a 22 year old community college student in Manchester, Tennessee, taking my last class this semester online. I'm a Legal Administration major. Which really doesn't mean much, since I aspire to be the equivalent of a filing cabinet.

I've not been sewing for long - really I've just started to get my hands wet in that department. So far the only cosplays I've really built myself are my Tonberry(which I am currently revamping majorly) and Princess Cadance.

My interests are generally; Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and various anime. I tend to lean more towards the more serious anime. I also enjoy MLP;fim.
Manchester, TN. || MTAC Go-er for 3 years and running.

EVA, MGS3 (wtf am I doing? ;<)
FF9 Tonberry (Revamping Majorly. 80% complete.)
Princess Cadance (100%. Debuts at MTAC13)
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