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To clarify, Super Glaze is an example of epoxy resin. It's used for coating things like wooden table tops.

The problem I have with Super Glaze is that it is designed to be self-leveling. That means instead of staying where you brushed it, it flows downward with gravity, trying to make a flat level surface. And it continues to do this for at least an hour. This is great for flat pieces that can be layed face up. But for more 3-dimensional shapes, it has a tendency to drip downwards, leaving naked spots towards the top of the piece, particularly on vertically oriented faces.

I prefer using the epoxy adhesive that's sold in squeezebottles. It has a thicker, more gel-like consistency so it stays where you put it. It also cures quite a bit faster. The downsize is that with a cheap brush, you can sometimes get visble brushstrokes on the finished surface. I just use a foam brush, and fix any brushstrokes with a bit of sanding after it has fully cured.

The other thing I do is use marine-grade epoxy resin from the marine supply store, and thicken it up a bit by mixing in some colloidal silica (aka "Cabosil"), but that's a messier process that takes a bit of practice. I doubt you want to get into that.
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