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Konnichi Wa Cosplay Members!

I thought I would stop by and introduce myself.

My real name is Adam but I go by Jenson. I myself am not much of a cosplayer because I have more fun photographing all of you that do cosplay!

I run a website where I document/write/and photograph everything dedicated to capturing the art of cosplay with the help of my lovely wife. After hearing all the fun I have at conventions she has decided to take up cosplaying herself.

I'm from central Ohio and while I haven't officially made a name for myself within the Cosplay circuit it will be something I'll be working on through out the next few years and starting with Ohayocon of 2013! (7 Days and counting!)

Out of all the events and weddings I've done photography for by far Anime conventions are my favorite. The colors, the costumes, and the atmosphere are just so much more enjoyable.

OK, I'm done rambling (for now :P) I look forward to becoming part of this online community!
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