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Maid Cafes, Karaoke, Pachinko, AMVs

Apologies to everyone, I was late getting on this year. I'll catch up as quickly as I can.

Originally Posted by E. R. Laurell View Post
... I was a bit disappointed with the events Doki Doki Maid cafe put on.

I went up with a group of friends to the 18th floor on Friday to try to attend their maid cafe event, and it turned out that the staffers there had no idea where the maids were, and everyone waiting in line was turned away and told that there was no event for the night...
This concerns us greatly, and I believe Alec is addressing this.

Originally Posted by E. R. Laurell View Post
... I've been to other maid cafes at conventions, where they have scheduled sessions so you know exactly when you'll be able to get in ...
The scheduling system sounds like something we should consider. I'll highlight this for Alec's attention.

Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
The karaoke room! The last time I was at ALA was 2 years ago, and I don't remember that awesome software that lists all the people in line. That was very useful, and the staff was all very helpful.
That's new since your last time. It's very nice, isn't it? Cathy got the recommendation from a professional KJ we know, and jumped on it.

Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
My husband was excited by the addition of the pachinko machines in the gaming room (mostly since, due to the language barrier, he couldn't figure it out when we went to Japan back in November)
Some years we have them, some years we don't. There's a guy who brings them and he doesn't make it to the con every year.

Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
Are the AMV categories self-selected, because 3/5 of the "drama" videos really should have been in action. Just because it's not mindless beating people up all the time does NOT mean that it's not an action theme.
I'll call this to the attention of the Events Division head.
Events I plan to attend this season:
February: Strategicon/Orccon
March: Cosplay Sewing Circle (2014-03-01); SoCal Pan Fandom Spring Formal (2013-03-29)
April: Cosplay Sewing Circle (2014-04-15); Anime Conji (starts 2014-04-18)
May: Baycon (starts 2014-05-23)
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