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Music, Art Jam and Signs

Originally Posted by iaShakezula View Post
The Music area seem to get only a few audience , I wonder if there was a way to use the hotel monitor in the hallway to show who was playing in there.People are very visual, if they see an image of the band then it will get their attention.
I'm also wondering if we can have a "Now playing -- Next concert will be" set of signs. I'll suggest that to our Publications Division.

Originally Posted by CodeShogun View Post
Actually, there's Homestuck drawing event on late Friday night. I was there but we got move to much bigger room when it got bit crowded. It was pretty fun event with everyone just talking and chilling.
Originally Posted by Seismogenic View Post
Gah! I would have been so down to go to that!
I wonder, then, since informal things like this apparently just pop up, if it'd be beneficial to have some sort of physical message board in the con space for announcing impromptu gatherings.
Well, we put it in the program book, in the pocket program, on the grid we put on the walls, and the signs for the rooms. Not sure how "impromptu" this one was!
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