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Crowds, noise, partying, badge checking

Originally Posted by shadowbuster44 View Post
... I just come to ALA to cosplay, see friends, and I don't get a badge cause I don't really go into the places that need them.
Dude, WE'RE ALL THERE TO SEE OUR FRIENDS. That's why we're renting the hotel. The reason all of them are there is because the convention is there. It's not just a coincidence.

If you decide that being a part of the convention isn't worth it, then meet your friends at some other place or on some other day. There's 52 weeks until next year's convention, you have plenty of time to find them.

Decide if it's worth it to support the convention, or do something else with your time and money. Don't freeload off of our efforts by scamming your way around our badge-checkers.

Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
Leading up to the con, ALA has made posts on Facebook about checking badges at all times. This doesn't surprise me though. However, it was still easy to sneak into badged areas. I didn't really see this enforced until Saturday morning / early afternoon. Even then, it was from the door from the Marriott lobby to the deck. I even caught eye of a tourist or two chillaxing by the pool.

What I'm trying to say is, if you keep saying you plan to check badges at the pool deck, follow through with it. Don't say one thing on Facebook and not completely follow through during con time.
We do the best we can to cover the badge-checking, without getting too annoying about it; and it's difficult as the crowds increase. We do our best. Next year we'll ask the hotel to help us with more of their security.

We also were trying to be accommodating of the occasional bewildered tourist who was just trying to get out to the pool.

Follow-through is certainly something we care about. And not just with the badge-checking, and people promising to be on staff. We had some people offer to do several panels, and then backed out at the last minute when we asked them to do one or two of the ones they offered. This is something I'm going to ask our appropriate departments to try to tighten up.

Originally Posted by Kresnik View Post
My biggest gripe though is the badge situation. I don't mind that there are so many restricted areas now. It's to be expected. However, I don't see the justification for the $50 price tag. I hate to compare ALA to anything, but Expo, a far larger convention, has a very similar price tag (at least before the spikes)... What I do feel, though, is that there should be different kinds of badges offered for different people at different prices.
Wasn't Anime Expo $75 at the door last summer? And I doubt it'll go lower this year.

We do offer different badges at different prices, specifically we offer a one-day badge for $35. We also offer a pre-registration discount -- it's cheapest the earlier you sign up. There's a limit to how much we can cut costs, because we do have a lot of things that need to be paid for -- and with our membership cap (you'll recall we announced a cap in 2011 and 2012 too, but this is the first year we actually had to shut down Registration) that means the more we give away in discounts, the less money we can spend on making the convention wonderful.

If, however, you find it is too expensive for you to attend and have a good time, you might find your time and energy is better spent elsewhere, rather than pay money you don't feel you can afford.

Originally Posted by ScarletRhapsody View Post
I'll keep this short, but I really think the ALA

website needs something like this:
Arisia's policy refers to open room parties, and closed parties. Anime Los Angeles does not have much if any in the way of open room parties. So far I think what our Operations crew is doing is fine, we just need them to do a little more patrolling and coordinating with the hotel especially regarding people being noisy on the upper floors, and any kind of smoking inside the hotel.

Originally Posted by hippiewriter View Post
Some signs stating that hallways outside hotel rooms are quiet areas at night would help, or maybe it would help if there were some staff members assigned to checking the halls periodically and shooing drunken people partying in their halls back into their hotel rooms. There's nothing wrong with room parties, but it's not cool to have a party going on in the hall outside other people's rooms in the early hours of the morning when some people need to sleep.
If people are noisy in the halls on the 2nd floor or above, please see if you can let our Ops people know.

The first floor is designated as the "noisy" floor -- if it's a problem, please come down to Ops and we'll give you earplugs.

Originally Posted by scree View Post
i didn't notice anyone being drunk or too terribly outrageous but some people were being really obnoxious like the navi on Thursday night that wouldn't be quite for like 2 hours in the lobby, or the guys that decided to start fake fighting and wrestling in the middle of the hallway (ballroom level) on Saturday night. there were other instances like this but nothing i could not just ignore and walk by.
While I'm pleased that they chose to be noisy in the lobby instead of in front of the hotel rooms, I'm not so happy about people blocking traffic. If you see that again, alerting our Ops team may help.

Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
... Also! On the issue of drunk people--the only room booze are allowed in is the Rum Party (at least, from my understanding), but con can't keep people who are ALREADY drunk from going anywhere. Just like you can't really keep a drunk person from walking down the street unless they're causing chaos and bothering people.
That's actually not quite correct, the "Rum Party" is actually a no-alcohol pirate event. But you're correct in that people who legally are allowed to drink can, in fact, drink in this hotel.

Originally Posted by Saturn Neko View Post
... Thinking about it, it was too cramped, I had a elaborate costume and i had to switch out because moving around was getting annoying.
I love the small welcoming feeling of cons
We are very concerned about the crowding. Too many people in the space also means it's harder to be consistent about badge-checking, to catch people bringing big weapons into the place, pickpockets and thieves take advantage of us -- We really need to have fewer people.

Originally Posted by NekoMimi16 View Post
Venue: WAAAAAAAAAAY too crowded. I understand that once a con has a hotel/space that they like and who likes them they don't want to move, but there's little space to walk. I had to constantly ask people to move because they were having gatherings at the elevator lobby, on the escalator platforms, on the staircases, and in front of doors in general.
The crowds, the crowds. We need fewer people or a bigger space. We can't have a bigger space before 2016, so we'll have to deal with it.

Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
I heard somewhere that ALA is in a contract with the LAX Marriott till 2014 or 2015 (I think it was facebook when ALA announced that the Marriott was booked to capacity). If that is the case, maybe registration should be capped a little lower. It was really crowded this year, and it did affect the overall enjoyment of the con.
I agree.

Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
... We were on the ground floor this year, which was a mixed blessing. Not having to deal with elevators was nice, but people really need to learn how to be quiet in the halls at 3AM when people are trying to sleep.
The first floor is the "noisy floor." When you reserve your room, send an e-mail to our "hotel2014 at" address and ask to be put on a quieter floor. There are a smaller number of rooms on 1 than on 2 through 5, so we like to just set them aside for people who can sleep through the rowdiness.

Or stop by Ops and we'll give you earplugs.

Originally Posted by Amethyst Nat View Post
-, I guess there did seem to be more people this year. They did a good job of organizing the pool area so it wouldn't be swamped this year, but my problem was the lobby was very crowded and so were the elevators. I don't agree that ALA should move though, I really like the marriot location. Maybe if they open more spaces for the con?
We've already got all the space. There's no more space to open up.

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