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Rock Dance, Formal Dance, Regency Dance

Originally Posted by haaku1234 View Post
A few years back, ALA would make an announcement at the dance--which started much earlier--around 10 that all minors had to go back to their room because of the Curfew. But, I noticed they stopped this and instead just started the dance later.
This is something I'll mention to our Events Division head.

Originally Posted by OniCourseMusha View Post
Believe it or not. I volunteered to both have a Ballroom dance lesson workshop and panel mostly as a guide to formal ball at other anime conventions because of Starlight Ball. The dance lesson was all on me. But I am not officially part of Starlight Ball, just a guy who loves to help people learn how to dance and prepare for the formal dance. I might think about applying to staff mainly as long I can organize the dance lessons and assisting attendees. I was happy that I can set the dance lesson before the Starlight Ball. I will do it again next year!
Thank you for introducing us to the basic steps!

To explain our procedure: you are volunteering to take charge of one or more Program items, which goes through our program and panel submission system. You don't need to be on staff to teach dancing. (And since typically staff put in 12 or more hours during the con, I don't think you want to do THAT much teaching!)

Originally Posted by OniCourseMusha View Post
Also can anyone advertise the Starlight Ball a lot more on into the main website and put the dress code rule? I've seen couple of people lined up being too curious that they failed to research that the event is a dress code event. I had to tell few people who lined up that they most likely can't get in depending on staff. Plus it builds more people who aren't dressed up for the event to show up. I understand towards the end of the ball dress code check is pretty laid back and the event is dying but people who dressed up feels like they've been cheated when they see few more people inside aren't properly dressed.
Originally Posted by vgc View Post
I felt bad for feeling this way, but I did feel cheated when I saw people without formal attire inside the formal towards the end of it. I dragged my dress onto an airplane and took the time to put it on just because of this event. I agree that it should be on the front page of the website.
I agree that the dress code shouldn't come as a surprise. The first thing we should do is emphasize that it's a Formal Dance. Lynn and I dressed up and came in for a song or two, and we wore our best "Kristi Smart" vests...

Originally Posted by OniCourseMusha View Post
So, I checked out Regency Dance after 2 years. What's the big deal about that event at the end of the con? I couldn't get into it and it has never change when I last went 2 years ago. My Ballroom Dance Lesson and Cosplay Ballroom/Social dancing 101 made more sense.
The Regency Dance is a little thing we do so that there's SOMETHING going on at the very end of the convention, while everything else is being packed up and loaded out. We don't expect everyone to enjoy every event at the convention, but the people who do participate in it seem to enjoy themselves.

I could easily see other "easy to do in an empty room" program items being considered. Hmmm, maybe I'll pass that on.

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