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Originally Posted by Enkai View Post
The hubby and I were confused at how the hall cosplay awards were given. We were wearing our Nobunaga and Nouhime costumes (avatar), and one of the judges gave my husband one of the big shiny rosettes for his costume. The hubby and I both agreed that honestly, I probably should have been the one to get that ...
I apologize for the oversight. The Hall Costume Award system is, by its very nature, somewhat random, and often the ribbons go to the bigger shinier more obvious accomplishments. I will bring this to the attention of the team.

Did the judge spend much time talking to the two of you about what you did, or was it more of a "stop and give away an award and keep on moving" kind of thing?

Originally Posted by LKD View Post
My only complaint was the masquerade. Me and my friends aren't entering it again. We weren't upset with the judging when it happened but the anger came after she had multiple staff and judges come up saying that they wanted to give more and other awards to her but couldn't because they could only give them to beginners or something along those lines since they all said different things.

The fact that they would keep coming to apologize is ridiculous. Obviously something is wrong with the system with one person apologizing, but staff after staff is just bullshit.
What's this? I would be very interested in the specific particulars. I've heard this rumor going around, but I haven't been able to match it up with any names. Would you please ask your friend to PM me directly? I can be reached here, of course, or as "hazelchaz" via Skype, AIM, and Yahoo messenger.

The only thing I can think of that matches up to "...only give them to beginners" sounds like a confusion about the Division system -- Novice, Journeyman, Open Division. But I'd be very interested to get your friend's name and hear her direct testimony.

Originally Posted by Amethyst Nat View Post
-I always enjoy the cosplay repair room and those helping out and the variety of materials available. But one thing I have noticed every year is that they don't have detangler. Also my friend claimed they were not helpful to her.
The suggestion of detangler -- good idea, I'll pass that on.

"Not helpful" -- please ask her to PM me the specifics. She can reach me here, or as Hazelchaz on Skype, AIM, or Yahoo messenger.
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