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Thursday ("Day Zero")

Originally Posted by scree View Post
... couldnt buy my badge on thursday night. this is a minor complaint but i really wish i could have bought my badge then but meh.
We've had at-con reg open on Thursday some years. This year we had a new situation with the hotel and weren't even sure when we'd be able to set up, so we didn't want to add the complication of dealing with cash sales too. I will see if there's any way we can bring that back next year.

Originally Posted by Saturn Neko View Post
I went on day zero and absolutely loved it! was bummed that we didn't get the guide on that day, would have been nice to plan things on Thursday to be fully ready for Friday.
You picked up your badge at 7:43 pm. The program books were still being stuffed into goodie bags, about an hour or so later they had the bags out and you could pick one up. The pocket program (map + schedule) had been misplaced and didn't appear on the floor until Saturday.

That being said, one of the things we do is we print a giant blow-up of the schedule grid and post it on the wall at the west end of the foyer (just past the restrooms, Information Volunteers & Operations, and the Chairman's couch) so you can get a jump on seeing what's when. Although it's possible that it wasn't up on the wall quite that early!
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