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Dealers Room and Artists' Alley

Originally Posted by Access View Post
I talked about this with my group and one thing we all agreed on would be to give artists the larger downstairs area and put the dealers in the smaller upstairs area (even if that means fewer dealers or smaller booths). None of us had much interest in the dealers hall, it seemed like pretty much the same subset of dealers from other larger cons, or past cons, perhaps some more unique/exclusive dealers would change that though.

Some of us did spend a good amount of time in artists alley (commissions, etc.) The artists' alley room seemed kinda small, and their space was limited, a larger room could accommodate more artists given that artists alley fills up very quickly.
Originally Posted by hippiewriter View Post
Overall, the con was pretty good this year. I was stuck working in the Artist Alley for most of the con, but I still had a pretty good time. I met a lot of cool people and profits were okay. I do wish that we had more space in the AA, though. 3 feet of space is really cramped. If the tables were 8 feet instead and we could have 4 feet of space that would be a little better, but the ideal situation would be for us to have a bigger room, or maybe even split the AA into two rooms if need be to give us the space for full tables.
Originally Posted by scree View Post
... Dealers hall was meh like 3-4 different sword shops and a few anime paraphernalia shops i typically dont buy much from the dealers hall but i was less likely to buy anything from the shops provided.
Originally Posted by chireiyu View Post
The dealer's hall felt extremely small to me. For the amount of people that go to ALA I was expecting it to be a bit... bigger? Nothing there really caught my eye. Though I didn't really have anything in mind, I was hoping to find one or two items that would make me go "oh! I never thought of wanting it but I know I need it in my life!"
It's always hard to strike the right balance. Bigger tables and 25% fewer artists? With the number of artists trying to get in, that would not go over well. Eliminate the dealers room (or cut it in half) and give AA more space? Eliminate AA (or cut it in half) and give Dealers more space? Each year we try to see if there's a better arrangement to how we use our rooms, and each year we have to make compromises to fit it all in.

The last time I checked, our Dealers Room is proportionally smaller than other conventions, and our Artists' Alley is larger. (That is, while we're 10% the size of Anime Expo in terms of "warm bodies," our Dealers Room is less than 10% their size while our Artists' Alley is more than 10% their size.) We are constrained by the space we have, and we have a contract through 2015 so we can't change things too much before then. We certainly are looking at finding a larger venue for the 2016 convention but it's far too early to announce anything about that.

We try to have a good variety of dealers in the room. We're looking at picking which dealers we let in, instead of a strict first-come-first-serve approach, to increase the variety.

Originally Posted by chireiyu View Post
The only thing I purchased was a plushie which I now know is just an arpakasso knockoff... so I feel quite ripped off since I could've gotten a legit one for the same price or cheaper had I waited 7 months...
As far as knockoffs, if you spot that please call it to the attention of the Dealers Room staff. Dealers who flout our no-bootlegs rule can be thrown out, or not invited back, but only if we know about it. (We have a dealer or two that are in that category based on their behavior this year.)

Originally Posted by livengood View Post
Also I would like to notate a couple issues I saw with the dealers hall.
1. A guy was able to get into the dealers hall with a loaded composite bow. [...]

2. A dealer falsely accused a con attendant and friend of mine of shoplifting. [...]

I personally would recommend giving attendants a way to complain about exhibitors who are acting out of line or in the worse case, doing something illegal(and yes, this does happen and it has caused ill effect on other dealers because of it)
Originally Posted by Access View Post
If it is who I think it is, this guy (and his helpers) are known for this and should probably not be invited back. They act the same way at SDCC and some of the other cons, they are paranoid and keep accusing people from stealing from the booth, when in reality it is just that, people carrying around items that they purchased elsewhere.
We do have a way to do this, you go to the Dealers Control Table which I believe is at the back of the room. Or you go out front to Ops if it's a safety issue.

If you want to send something in via e-mail, please send your notes to dealers2013 (at) .
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