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Anchoring "wire" to a dress

I'm making a Princess Yue cosplay. Here is a picture of the cosplay from NYCC:

Basically, I'm trying to redo the "floaty" part that drapes around the lower part of her dress. Ordinary wire (I tried 2 different types, one of which is in the above picture) just wasn't strong enough, and I had to hold it up in several places with safety pins throughout the convention and still the wire drooped. After trying some thick heavier-duty copper wire from Home Depot earlier today, I was at a loss where to get better wire. I remember that at NYCC some guy recommended coat hangers, which I didn't give much thought to at the time, but I rooted through my closet and found a few wire coat hangers. Not ideal, since they aren't long enough so I'll have to use a few, but I did a quick test run and they certainly support the weight of the fabric when I hold the wire frame around the dress just so.

My main issue here is really securing the wire-lined fabric to the dress at the right angle, so that the weight of the wire doesn't cause it to fall over. I plan on doing this in a sideways "U" shape on either side of the dress--secured in the mid-back and the mid-front of the dress and "floating" outwards in a curved shape. The fabric of the dress is fragile (a layer of chiffon over a layer of satin) so I have to be careful not to rip it. Any advice on going about this?
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