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Wanna help me dissect Liquid Ocelot's outfit?


Greetings fellow MGS fans and cosplayers alike! As my first post on this great forum, I would like to ask for your assistance.

Last summer, I attended Connecticon as Vamp. However, I was pressed for time, and thus through together a pretty awful cosplay. It was horribly uncomfortable, and I hated it so much, that I refuse to acknowledge that I actually wore it. That being said, ignore everything I just said.

I originally wanted to go with Liquid Ocelot - one of my favorite characters of all time. Now I am trying to dissect the costume to make sure I get it as perfect as I can.

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

Here's what I am getting thus far:

- Black Trench Coat
- Khaki pants (they're actually pinstriped, but I feel like that's going to be hard to find.)
- Glasses
- Black fingerless gloves

But I am getting stumped on the other parts. For instance, that seems like a pretty specific coat he is wearing UNDERNEATH the trench coat. It's sort of a beige or mustard yellow, but it's hard to tell. Not only that, but the shirt and tie combo is hard to distinguish. The tie seems to be black with a silver dotted pattern, but the undershirt's color I can't quite tell.

The most glaring and confusing part of the costume is the black straps he has going horizontally across his body. Are these a part of some sort of harness or holster? I can;t tell, and I've never seen it before.

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated folks.
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