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I'm doing my best to lose weight to cosplay Chii from Chobits! I'm working on patterning the dress, and I want to make it perfect!

I'm at 145 or so simply because I haven't lost my pregnancy weight [err, from, like, 2 years ago... shame on me], so I want to get back down to my 125 by October!

My plan is calorie counting, since I'm such a terrible, snacky eater! Replacing the bad things with rice cakes, water, and juice. I'm also taking vitamins, doing sit ups, DDR on workout mode, walks around my neighborhood, and just cutting down my food intake and upping my water intake!
I want to make Chii look cute and, well, she's a skinnier character, so I want to get as close as possible! Plus, I need to get healthier anyhow.
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