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Originally Posted by DarkCloudInc View Post
I forgot to post this in my original post, but...

Is there any other way onto the pool deck because there was a huge choking point by the pool where everyone was held up. Perhaps have staff regulating traffic at peak times?
We will be fine-tuning how we handle this. It was our first time attempting this, and we've learned many things.

Originally Posted by Seismogenic View Post
I went back through the program, and I see this only now. Apologies for my poor reading comprehension, and for making criticisms based on my own errors!

It would still be really neat to have a more guided drawing panel, though, but I suppose that would have to be a topic submitted by a member, right?
Well, if someone wants to propose a program item where the point is to teach some drawing skills, they are certainly welcome to do so.

The "late night art jam" tradition goes back many decades, and was not invented by us; it's probably been around since as long as there have been artists gathering together esp. to draw in each others' sketchbooks.
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