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Originally Posted by TheCapt1701 View Post
AA takes up all of Meridian (the ballroom on the lobby level). There are no other meeting rooms on that floor. Unless you are referring to the JW restaurant (the high-end steak place) that was rarely, if ever, open during the weekend. However that is not a place that is available for convention use.
There's a room that as you head towards artist alley, you see a piano in that room. I was wondering if there was something going on in that room.

Originally Posted by Freight View Post
I don't think so. The only places for them to park on site would be either in the back alley or blocking part of the parking or ways in and out of them.
Perhaps in front of the hotel where there is a drive way. There is enough room for two way traffic and seeing as how they max out on parking in the hotel structure very quickly, the space goes unused through the day especially in the night. Another potential spot would be to sacrifice two spots maybe even three spots of where the taxis are at.
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